2005 Azienda Agricola Montevertine Pian del Ciampolo Toscana IGT (Italy, Tuscany, Toscana IGT)

IGT, Italy, Red Wine, Sangiovese, Tuscany

Has been open and corked in the cellar for a day. Completely translucent garnet red/orange hue color. Nose of spice, balsamico, dried herbs, rose petal and plum. More substantial on the palate than the color or nose would give away. Good plum and cherry on the palate with some tobacco and leather. This is a really light bodied wine that effectively has the body and funk of Barbaresco combined with the roundness of Tuscan Sangiovese. Finish is surprisingly long. I think to fully appreciate this wine, you can’t expect to drink “classically styled” Tuscan wine (like Brunello or Super Tuscans), but you have to have an open mind as to what Tuscan wine can be if its much different from the norm. This also means that the food pairings will need to be different in my opinion for this wine to work well. I imagine that rich meats like steak or game with rich sauce would clash, while simple pasta with butter and sage, or whole roasted duck or chicken ought to be a good match for example. Either way, I imagine that this isn’t for everyone, but it reminds me a little of Chateau Simone in Provence in terms of style. Will be interesting to see if age will add some extra dimensions to this wine…I lack the requisite experience to project what age may do.

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I am not a professional wine taster, nor do I have any professional training in the wine trade. I am a wine enthusiast who has spent countless hours tasting wines of many different styles. My palate is not aligned with a single wine critic, and I call all wines "as I taste them". My site is a source of tasting notes and wine recommendations as well as warnings without conflict of interest. You'll just have to figure out how your palate aligns with mine. My palate generally tends to veer towards Old-World wines that put a premium on terroir and lovely balance and finesse, rather than raw power...please keep that in mind as you read my notes.

3 thoughts on “2005 Azienda Agricola Montevertine Pian del Ciampolo Toscana IGT (Italy, Tuscany, Toscana IGT)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. One question…what benefit do you see in opening a bottle, recorking it, and let it sit for a day?


  2. Often, I taste the wine on the first night and find that it needs time to flesh out. Rather than decanting and forcing a wine into submission, I have learned that recorking and leaving in the cellar until the next night usually allows the wine to slowly aerate and develop. In this case, the wine was really tight and light on night 1, and I thought it would be better to let it rest (I just drank something else that night but followed a small sample of the Montevertine in the glass concurrently to keep track of the develoment). I hope that explains.


  3. Haven’t had the ’05 yet, but the ’04 needed time in the bottle, and time after opening to really enjoy and allow for the flavors to develop. I’ve heard the ’05 is better (’02 being my fav over the last few vintages) so I can’t wait to try it,


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