2005 Philippe Alliet Chinon (France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Chinon)

Cabernet Franc, Chinon, France, Loire Valley, Red Wine, Touraine

Alliet might just be the king of barnyard. This has a terrific nose of horse manure, tobacco, bell pepper, and blackberry. Not as stuffed as some of the other SVD Chinons I’ve recently had, but lots of balance and elegance combined with great structure. I would not be shocked to find this wine in great shape in 10 years or more. For the price, this is a no-brainer for me.

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I am not a professional wine taster, nor do I have any professional training in the wine trade. I am a wine enthusiast who has spent countless hours tasting wines of many different styles. My palate is not aligned with a single wine critic, and I call all wines "as I taste them". My site is a source of tasting notes and wine recommendations as well as warnings without conflict of interest. You'll just have to figure out how your palate aligns with mine. My palate generally tends to veer towards Old-World wines that put a premium on terroir and lovely balance and finesse, rather than raw power...please keep that in mind as you read my notes.

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