Counter Culture Ethiopia Idido Natural Sundried

Counter Culture Ethiopia Idido Natural Sundried. I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while but hadn’t gotten around to it. It is a radically different from the washed Idido I normally drink. In terms of flavor, this tastes like milk chocolate covered walnuts. It has a certain creaminess and smokiness and the touch of walnut bitterness. It also feels wild and untamed a bit despite low acidity. Many folks will love this, but it lacks the finesse and acid of the washed Ethiopian coffees I like so much. Also requires a different coffee/water ratio in order for this not to taste harsh and tannic (and if you have a sensitive stomach or GERD, you’ll get feedback from your body to that extent). With this, I use only 60% of my normal coffee bean measurement with the same 450ml of water. Washed coffee for me only going forward although this is perfectly pleasant to drink.

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