2007 Fattoria Galardi Terra di Lavoro Roccamonfina IGT

2007 Fattoria Galardi Terra di Lavoro Roccamonfina IGT. Had this a while ago but forgot to post the note. This was the first bottle consumed of the three I have. And 2007 is yet another banner vintage for Galardi. As always, it is very difficult to explain just how mind blowing these wines are. It is a blend of Aglianico and Piedirosso and has remarkable weight and concentration while simultaneously maintaining amazing balance trough equal measures of acidity and savory and earthy notes. I continue to say that Terra di Lavoro is one of my “island wines” because it pairs well with a wide range of foods and provides enjoyment early in its life cycle but can age for decades effortlessly.

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2003 Vietti Barolo Brunate

2003 Vietti Barolo Brunate because one can’t live off of English Sparkling wine alone 😁! Especially not with 4 adults at our house for dinner. As expected, this was the real deal and shockingly young for a 14 year old wine from a very warm vintage. Clearly, the winemaking here is top notch because despite the hot vintage, this is loaded with balancing acidity, eucalyptus and earthiness. If we were to judge a wine by how quickly it is consumed, this one scored top marks. Absolutely delicious and the perfect pairing with the braised lamb polenta plank I had cooked.

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2010 Château de Pibarnon Bandol

2010 Château de Pibarnon Bandol. This wine is one of my perennial favorites, but in 2010, Pibarnon outdid themselves as it is even better than usual. This blend of 90% Mourvedre and 10% Grenache shows dark berries, cracked pepper, licorice and dried herbs. Awesome length on the finish. I know that many folks say this is on the modern spectrum of winemaking and while I can see where those comments are coming from (fairly dense and ripe fruit), I would add that it also shows a serious amount of rusticity and acidity to balance the fruit perfectly. Given that it is mostly Mourvedre, this can be cellared for decades, but I think it drinks beautifully already with some air.

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2004 Sottimano Barbaresco Cottá

2004 Sottimano Barbaresco Cottá. I followed this over the course of three nights, as well, and I am not entirely sure what to make of it. For a wine of this age, it was shockingly primary. And I expected something silky and tertiary, yet what came out of the bottle was riper and brawnier than I was expecting. The good news that despite the ripeness, there was a fantastic menthol/eucalyptus note on the palate that really made this. Oh and what you see in front of the bottle are reverse-seared lamb t-bone steaks that were outrageous.

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2009 Tenuta Grillo Piemonte Cortese Baccabianca

2009 Tenuta Grillo Piemonte Cortese Baccabianca. If this doesn’t move you, nothing will. I followed this for three days and it comes out of the bottle with a cloudy tangerine gold color bordering on brown. I expected it to be totally oxidized or madeirized but it wasn’t. It is chock-full of hazelnut and tea-like flavors and while it is dry and in a slightly oxidative style, it manages to have plenty of juicy fruit. Great wine that was even better with food than on its own. 100% Cortese and one worth buying more of.

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2007 Mayacamas Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

2007 Mayacamas Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon always blows me away. It s what California is capable of in my opinion. The wine has this terrific tension between its parts…freshness in spades yet beautiful ripeness. Incredible depth of flavor yet silky texture. Old world charm/elegance and new world brashness. Blackcurrant and plum fruit playing against the backdrop of eucalyptus herbaceouness. This stuff is like a symphony in the glass. And at going on 10 years old, this is still a puppy. Glad to have 3 more left and one that I believe will truly reward 20+ years of cellaring. Stupendous.

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Ritual Coffee La Piñona

Ritual La Piñona this morning. I think the tasting note from Ritual is pretty much spot on. A very powerful coffee that I think warrants a little less coffee relative to the amount of water…especially if you like your coffee on the smoother side of things. @ritualcoffee roasted this one pretty much on the money and I continue to be impressed with their ability to let the bean shine without putting their roast imprimatur on it.

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